Carmen, The Story of Don José. Drama for three dancers and one actor

 Music Georges Bizet and Björn Hallman

 Producer Swedish Chamber Orchestra and Theater Martin Mutter, Script and instructions Inger Holmstrand Gawell original text Prosper Mérimée. Choreography Pär Isberg. From the Royal Ballet: Jeanette Diaz-Barbosa Pascal Jansson Joakim Stephenson. From Theater Martin Mutter:Jonas Hedlund. Stage Design Frida Thofelt. Costume Inger Holmstrand Gawell and Pär Isberg. Photo: Jonny Camacho Johan Krasvik Martina Walfridsson Joacim Nilsson. Violin Solo Roger Olsson.

Conductor Björn Hallman

Carmen, The Story of Don José, excerpts

© Edition Ribbegren  2013